David Darcy | UK

Mixed Media

Neo Expressionism

19.68" H x 26.3" W x 1"


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    Art Description: Polaroid is from the Fearless collection, which centres around the idea of what is urban art vs graffiti, and is there beauty in the act of vandalism? Graffiti is perceived as a form of artistic expression that can have positive effects on people. But, as illegal and considered vandalism, there is a fine line between perception of art and destruction of property, and who has the right to decide which side a work should fall. This work separates the issue into bars, presenting the positive and negative options. UltraHD pigment On Aluminium Dibond and Fuji Crystal Archive with an black Aluminum ArtBox frame. Larger pieces and frames may be available. Please contact Singulart to request more information and prices.

    Medium Used: Pigment under acrylic glass.

    David Darcy | United Kingdom

    David's artworks are pleasurable, contemplative expanses that draw the eye. They are intense abstractions of humanity marked by a balance of movement within the space. They encase equal parts sensation and inquiry. When creating a new work he has adopted a signature process in which he applies the oil paint in much the same manner as watercolours, thought they inherently less yielding. That restriction allows for new approaches and methods. The results include brilliant, durable pigments rooted in mid-motion gestures.