Cicada Guitar

Liam Collins | United Kingdom



50" x 18"


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    Art Description:

    A study of sound through nature’s hidden frequencies. The sculpture will be sighted on the side of a tree like a camouflaged Cicada and emits natural sounds of the forest from within the guitar body. This idea was predominately influenced by Lou Reed’s last interview (a Reed coincidently is a plant material used to make wind instruments). Where Reed describes the origins of music, the sound of the mother's heartbeat the baby hears in the womb and the sound of nature that the child hears all around. The wind, leaves, and bird song. This is music. Add colour and the music becomes art. The power behind sound is the different levels of frequency. Quantum frequency is an area we haven't yet discovered but we know it has immense power like dark energy.. .like the Higgs particle or the double slit experiment... you almost have to not look for it to see it. Brood X cryptic cicadas are born out of the ground every 17 years exactly on the same day and whose oscillating communication frequency can vibrate as high as 14,000MHZ . The true power of sound.


    Medium Used: Marble and authentic Roman coins. Objet d'art. Calligraphy. Ammonia. Driftwood. Oil paints.


    Liam Collins | United Kingdom

    I'm an abstract painter/sculptor working in mixed media. My aim is to encourage critical thinking through the study of progressive knowledge by researching the thought processes that ancient people went through. I look at playful puzzles in nature and science creating designs that draw upon curiosity and wonder. I'm a UK Artist who has dedicated his career to a life-long process working with and exhibiting Art and Site-specific Sculpture, made from precious metals and found materials. It is here with my found materials, I find myself exploring ways through my creative expression applying the materials in line with my feelings until they resonate through the complex layers of the higher self. Like water divining, I look to where secret meanings are hidden within the fabric of uncharted quantum power and connections within the subconscious mind.