Cosmic Concierge

Shelton Walsmith | United States

Collage Painting

Mixed Media

40" x 40 x .25"


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    Art Description:

    Large square collage painting on Sintra board which is a PVC based rigid material. The backing board supports allow the piece to float an inch and a half off the wall. The painting itself was slowly built over two weeks in layers of poured oil. Once dry the collage elements came in to contrast the illusion of a deep night sky with material and sculptural formality of surface. The palette is predominantly blue and pink with accents of sap and daiquiri green and neutral tones of gold and sepia beige. The collage elements include staples, elastic, postcards, wrapping paper and tapestry.

    Medium Used: Oil and Collage on Sintra Board

    Shelton Walsmith | United States

    A body of work should not be a cadaver evidencing life that was but rather the flash-point for life which ignites anew on each renewed encounter.