Riflessi in porto

Antonino Puliafico | Italy



45" x 37"


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    Art Description:

    The painting entitled 'Reflections in the Harbour', created in 2024 in acrylic on canvas, is a work that captures the eye for its liveliness and dynamism. The dimensions are considerable, measuring 115x95 cm, or approximately 45x37 inches, offering a significant visual impact. The technique employed is evident in the bold, textured use of paint, which lends an almost tactile three-dimensionality to the work. The colour palette is broad and varied, with a striking balance of warm and cool tones that reflects the harbour environment in an abstract way. The brushstrokes are vigorous and direct, creating a visual rhythm that guides the eye through the entire composition. The artist has skilfully captured the essence of reflections on water, a classic Impressionist theme, but with a contemporary approach that challenges conventional perceptions of the subject. The tension between figurative recognition and abstraction is palpable, inviting the viewer to prolonged observation and personal reflection. This painting is a clear example of how contemporary art can both pay homage to and renew the traditions of the past.

    Medium Used: Oil Color Impasto

    Antonino Puliafico | Italy

    Antonio uses oil and acrylic colors, applied with spatulas and brushes, in a play of textures and tones reminiscent of the Fauvist and Impressionist movements. His art is an exploration of freedom, a journey through my personal perception of the world, where colors dance and tell stories of emotions, moments, dreams.

    In his work, he invites the viewer to pause, contemplate, and discover that each piece is an ongoing dialogue between him and his audience. Each piece is an invitation to explore, to feel, to experience art with the same passion and intensity with which it was created. Currently residing in Verona,

    Antonino continues to explore new artistic horizons, remaining true to his vision and roots. His works are a dialogue between Sicilian artistic tradition and contemporary influences, bridging the past and present in each canvas. His art is not just a visual expression but an emotional journey that transports the viewer into a world of beauty, color, and passion.