Farewell to Kyoto

Jürgen Büse Filzen | Germany


Modern Expressionism

70.9" x 59" x 0.8"


Ships from Germany

    Art Description:

    After a few months in Kyoto, Japan, I had this picture in my head on the flight back. The beauty, delicacy and strength, the splendor, the temples of Kyoto and saying goodbye in Tokyo. It culminates everything in this hydrangea picture.

    Medium Used: Acrylic on Canvas

    Jürgen Büse Filzen | Germany

    "Painting is for me studying, verifying and visualizing emotions" The works of the painter Jürgen B. Filzen appear at first glance as deserted natural spaces and landscapes. Man does not show himself in his actual form; his presence manifests itself in left-over relics and intrusions into nature. Human culture and nature collide as antipodes. However, without destroying the harmony in the quiet, often monochrome images dominated by the color green.