A Town Called Exposition

Shelton Walsmith | United States



72" x 60"


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    Art Description:

    In a very densely packed composition a narrative is implied by the title wherein exposition seeks to set a plot with backstory or history of a fantasy town. In truth it a series of coalescing, tangling and stacking forms that are a very active abstract dance being played out rather than a literal story being told. I always have this painting faced out as it brings me joy and reminds that that is exactly what I want to do for the viewer.

    These are two 36x60" canvases abutting. When shipped they will be securely stacked atop one another in a crate.

    Medium Used: Oil on Canvas

    Shelton Walsmith | United States

    A body of work should not be a cadaver evidencing life that was but rather the flash-point for life which ignites anew on each renewed encounter.