Skadi Engeln | Germany


Realistic, Semi-Abstract, Romantic

74.8" x 70.90" x 1"


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    Art Description:

    Here I superimposed two landscapes: the French Bretagne where I got a lot of deep impressions while hiking along the North Coast customs path, and the Berry, the little village in a region where I use to spend my summers in my summer studio.

    Diptych: two canvases (190 cm x 90 cm). Shipped in a tube. Canvas will have to be stretched and put on a frame by the collector.

    Medium Used: Oil, Tempera and Pastels on Canvas

    Skadi Engeln | Germany

    Since 2001, Skadi Engeln’s paintings and prints have dealt with landscape as a symbol of the world. Since 2011, her works of art have been “disturbed” or “interwoven” by traces of human perception and intervention. By means of lines and stripes, mostly vertical, man has integrated himself in her landscapes, both as observer and actor. Skadi’s landscapes have thus been inscribed with rhythm and conflict. Landscape as a synonym for the world reflects underlying realities and truths, encrypts them, makes them show through and discloses them only as approximations. The horizon, often the central focus of Skadi’s artistic work, separates and connects what is above and what is underneath, what is obvious and hidden. It is not her aim to decode what is above and what is underneath. The secret should be kept – and the beauty which perhaps lies in the encrypted, in the mysterious. 

    Skadi's works can be found in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Bonn, Hamburg, Munich, Paris, Graz, New York, Molde, and in the homes of other international collectors.