Larry Graeber | United States



52.5" x 83" x 1.25"


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    Art Description:

    Circulating / Turtle began in 2014 as a heavily scored impasto of rectangles in a multicolored geometric configuration, satisfying, but never seeming to be completely resolved. As sometimes happens simply putting a painting away for a while and readdressing it can resolve problems. Organizing the color and ferreting out shapes of continuity has brought this painting around to a dramatic push and pull of elusive imagery ranging from forms of organic marine life to urban structures like houses. One of the benefits of painting over the previous multicolored configuration is a resulting inventiveness and color peek-a-boo that adds texture and depth.

    Medium Used: Oil on Canvas

    Larry Graeber | United States

    Artist Statement: Principles of elements - painting, sculpture, work on paper; After many years of practice I trust a degree of empathy and understanding have found lodging in me. I am intrigued with the idea of approximations, even approximations of other approximations. I see this all the time as we relate one thing or another to each other. Although a work of mine may start with an initial idea I am always certain it is going to change, evolve and go through permutations that may or may not resemble the initial idea. It's exactly this phenomena, this discovery that intrigues me. Crafting work confidently and coherently is my ambition, so when viewed it can be accessible; intuitively and subjectively understood.