Jon Barlow Hudson | United States


Abstract figurative

45"H x 35" W x 25" D


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    Art Description: CLOUD HANDS is about “center” and about movement. As in the
    practice of T’ai Chi Chuan and the series of movements entitled “Cloud Hands”: one
    is both “centered” and one’s hands and feet are moving around the center, floating
    before one like clouds. While the overall movement of the series might be
    somewhat linear, along the ground, the design and function of all the movements
    together is not unlike the movement of a wheel around its center.

    The other aspect of CLOUD HANDS sculpture is that the four blocks of
    stone are natural elements, created by nature. They are separate entities, like states
    of a nation, or however you choose to think of them. They are joined together by the
    stainless steel, truncated tetrahedron which is a man-made, high-tech structure.
    One may interpret this structure as the man-made aspects of a nation: culture,
    language, governmental, social and economic structures and organizations, all of
    which create and hold together a nation, which is man-made: this is the yang aspect.
    They hold together the parts of the natural environment that are the geographic
    parts of the nation, the blocks of stone, this is the yin aspect.

    Medium Used: Four USA Granites and Stainless Steel

    Jon Barlow Hudson | United States

    I have been creating large-scale projects for public environments since 1976, throughout Ohio, the States and in 27 countries: 23 throughout China alone. This has provided me with a uniquely broad experience of art & sculpture in many different cultural & architectural contexts. My 1st "% for art" project, POLARIS, was for Miami/Dade in 1979, in Homestead Public Library.

    I work on any scale, in a wide range of materials, in various motifs & types of installation. While many of my projects have been in various kinds of metal such as stainless steel; I especially like working with stone. Many of my large-scale projects have involved working with various types of clients in both early & later stages, sometimes developing a project with them. Virtually all have been designed with their intended sites uppermost in mind, within budget & on schedule.