Do You Believe in Life After Love?

Shelton Walsmith | United States


Figurative abstraction

49" x 57"


Ships from United States 

    Art Description:

     "Do you Believe in Life After Love?" is just as abstract as it is representational. The two systems support one another in a "push-pull" tension between population and colorfield or more simply between figure and ground. Ostensibly the title references a maudlin pop song but only as subterfuge to signal the viewer toward cultural notions of loss and recovery. The blindfolded character's gestures suspend the act of feeling the blank air before them as they appear to play hide-n-seek. They enliven a haunted space by moving through it. Their motion is significant; it's meant to be moving. The stillest figure on the left has stepped up to a blank wall to turn a key in an unseen lock. The architecture suggested contains them in a cloistered conundrum. It is framed in a dove gray wooden shadowbox frame.

    Medium Used: Oil on Canvas

    Shelton Walsmith | United States

    A body of work should not be a cadaver evidencing life that was but rather the flash-point for life which ignites anew on each renewed encounter.