Ellen's Light and Love

Margaret Zox Brown | United States


Expressionist, Floral

44" x 58"


Ships from United States 

    Art Description: An expressionist painting a field of flowers. Beautiful colors pop from the mostly white background with a rhythmic flow to the flowers that are presented.

    Medium Used: Oil paint and oil painting mediums (Turpentine substitute, Walnut Oil, Slow drying Varnish, Stand Oil, Neo Megilp, Cold Wax) on Canvas

    Margaret Zox Brown | United States

    Creating art is an integral part of who I am. As I grow and evolve, so does my work. I am at a point now where connection is what I seek and what drives me. And since my art is both a part of me as well as the embodiment of where I am, I am very excited to share it with the world. With my current series as well as all that led up to this, I am discovering the soul of my subjects and then expressing their magnificence as I know it really is. With all my paintings, I always draw first, seeking the core meaning of whatever familiar subject I have chosen. In drawing, I am unearthing whatever it is that has gotten my attention. And then I add the paint, relying on my own, personal color language fluency, the excitement of varying textures and creative intuition to create the emotional expression that is my art.