Golden Age

Shane McCoubrey | United Kingdom



40" x 40" 


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    Art Description:

    I go to Europe a lot to visit restored historical buildings and Natural History Museums to see minerals and fossils . On a recent trip to the Hotel de la Marine ( 400 year old building built just before French Revolution all the gold leaf and building was restored to previous beauty ( like Versailles ) and then I went to see the meteors and gemstones at the Nat. History Museum where gold minerals , gemstones and meteors were displayed.
    I mixed up all I saw in my mind and created this layered gold artwork made of natural rare materials and handmade inks and paints I create . It’s like a geological rock formation with a bit of history thrown in. This is my imagination .

    Medium Used:Resin, layered over 3 months with pure gold leaf and, mica ,mineral powders, vegetable pigments inks, mineral powders, beach chalk paints , sand on Canvas

    Shane Mccoubrey | United Kingdom

    Each artwork is created through the agony of frustration, passion and imagination. A roller coaster of emotions to get to the final visual point of happiness knowing that it is finished. The love of geology and landscape , the air and the earth, deep space and time keeps makes us realize everything around us was created also with destruction and rebuilding, a sort of silent power we are not even in control of. Using layering of natural and recycled materials to build depth and beauty through paint, mineral pigments, gold leaf, silver leaf, acrylic sprays, chalk, sand diamond dust crushed quartz all sealed in a resin layer rather like the earth seals in our precious minerals we use today. This creates a visual wonderland to compliment any beautiful home or corporate space to give a feeling of colour, atmosphere and appreciation of our wonderful Earth.