Le Diversità in Uno

Giampiero Cusumano | Italy



59"H x 47.6"W x 1.1"


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    Art Description: This painting represents the transformation phase from the undifferentiated to the particular. In a historical moment in which we are invaded by images which are indeed a way to spread art but also a way that flattens the differences, I want to explain the particularity of the painting. Beyond the visual impression, the painting is metaphysical. It is as much a play in colours (with it shifting from a grey background in the top to almost white in the bottom) as it is a a vision of the soul.

    I achieved this with both a technical trick and the use of perspective. The only difference in the works below is that I have lightened the lower part of the drop shadow effect, giving it a more intense feel and the perspective a heightened effect. This is similar to life, where from a far, everything seems to blend together, but close-up, we can see the nuances and appreciate the moments.

    Medium Used: Oil on framed canvas

    Giampiero Cusumano | Italy

    Giampiero Cusumano is a painter and sculptor based in Italy whose works have been exhibited nationally. In addition, his art has been featured in publications such as Repubblica. Cusumano's artistic practice is based on a compositional scheme that he has created, which is based on cultural considerations that interweave Eastern philosophies and their analogies with scientific theories.