Los Constituentis

Shelton Walsmith | United States



60" x 60"


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    Art Description:

    “Los Constituentis” is a large scale collage-like painting composed on a ground of varied greens which in their similarity and background function tend to disappear into one another. Three main components vie for attention; a large continent form comprised of a patchwork of colored squares, a figure of a girl in a dress and a pink biomorphic form whose protruding ears lend a mammalian 3/4s profile. Like the background the female form seems to dissolve or disappear as if not wanting to be seen. The featureless pink form also resists recognition while the hard edge geometry of the patchwork speaks of more clarity in line and definition it also doesn’t settle into a clearly defined entity. The constituent parts share the space but in no way integrate or lend clues to one another’s purpose. They are lines in a poem in a foreign language separated by a metered reading; each ending in a question mark. Like Paul Gauguin’s Tahitian frieze “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?”

    Medium Used: Oil on Canvas

    Shelton Walsmith | United States

    A body of work should not be a cadaver evidencing life that was but rather the flash-point for life which ignites anew on each renewed encounter.