Marie Antoinette

Jeff Muhs | United States


Abstract figurative

15"w x 30"l x 30"d


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    Art Description: Jeff Muhs' compelling concrete bust of Marie Antoinette illustrates the highest degree of control of the material that he has been able to achieve in making these sculptures in one pour. He used bread bags, women’s undergarments, t-shirts, sheets and a neck corset to get the desired attitude and posture and shapes of the hair and dress related to historical renderings of the last queen of France, who was unceremoniously beheaded during the French Revolution. 

    Medium Used: Concrete and Nylon Rope

    Jeff Muhs | United States

    My paintings exploit and explore natural physical processes such as optics, chaos, gravity, fluid dynamics, etc. Thru the manipulation of these processes I create dynamic abstract compositions, using a highly gestural application of medium, often with multiple paintings occupying the same canvas plane, layering different process, I venture to access and harness the very nature of creation. Thru the practice of my work I endeavor to examine, challenge and expand our understanding of beauty and perception of it.
    Through the process that I have come to call ‘Dynamic Free Casting’, I have developed new methods for forming concrete, which embrace an insubordinate amount of chance given the inherent fluidity and weight of the medium.