On The Door

Margaret Zox Brown | United States


Expressionist, Figurative

66" x 50" x 1.5"


Ships from United States 

    Art Description: This painting is part of my current series of NY Characters. His magnificence is expressed through his strong face and then framed by the beautiful swirl of paint around him in the background. The podium's shape also enhances the graceful frame that brings the viewer right to his great face.

    Medium Used: Oil paint on canvas.

    Margaret Zox Brown | United States

    Creating art is an integral part of who I am. As I grow and evolve, so does my work. I am at a point now where connection is what I seek and what drives me. And since my art is both a part of me as well as the embodiment of where I am, I am very excited to share it with the world. With my current series as well as all that led up to this, I am discovering the soul of my subjects and then expressing their magnificence as I know it really is. With all my paintings, I always draw first, seeking the core meaning of whatever familiar subject I have chosen. In drawing, I am unearthing whatever it is that has gotten my attention. And then I add the paint, relying on my own, personal color language fluency, the excitement of varying textures and creative intuition to create the emotional expression that is my art.