Persistence of Painting / HVP / Painting No. 2

Hugo and Alejandro Viana | Colombia



66.90" x 98.40" x 1.2"


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    Art Description:

    The "Persistence of the Painting" Series, recreates our pictorial practice which constitutes a particular experience at the expedition inside of their territories and that has been developed, improved and delimited by two great frontier zones, between the academic values and their theoretical and technical precepts, and the personal intention, where have been distorted, twisted, kneaded, removed from their conventional methods, opened a way inside the individual vision on events of the man and the cosmos, revealing the secret meanings of the mysterious existence of the human being. The enigmatic place that produces the painting, as an emanation in continuous flow, is the same where we tries to pick up a tenue signal in the enclosure of “the ten thousand forms”, always ephemerals, changeables and eternals, manifesting the vital rhythm of our nature. Once achieved this empathy, we want to capture the vital movements of the own spirit through the vital rhythms of the cosmos.

    Such persistence in the creative act of painting, right here, within the phenomenon propitiated by the plastic action inside the support, is where appears all our constructions that has been materialized among search and encounter, when the frame of mind variations have alternated between the observation, the introspection and the action, when their interest has been focused on the nature of the human being and their own mind.

    This Project was commissioned by the Museum Art of Tolima MAT and exhibited under the title of “PAINTING” in 2005, following their development and construction with a new art project denominated TELLURIC, commissioned for its exhibition by the Museum Art of Caldas MAC in Colombia.

    Medium Used: Acrylic on Canvas

    Hugo and Alejandro Viana | Colombia

    "Everything our artwork is a poetic gesture in fullness expansion inside the way of conscious dreams and creative reveries, a blurred trace of images reflecting our existence in the immanence of the world. Even so, with them we wish to capture a single instant of empathy: always intangible, ephemeral, changeable and eternal."