Reflections Upon Transmontana

Dangerous Minds Artists | UK

Mixed Media

Abstract, Minimalism, Pop Art, Street Art

32" x 86.60" x 8"


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    Art Description: Reflections Upon Transmontana. Deriving its design from the profile of Ascipenser Transmontana and superimposing this upon a sea of highly polished concave mirrors. 'Sturgeon' comprises 1600 polished stainless steel spoons welded into a shimmering geometric grid; this then acts as visually fluid background to the outline of the sturgeon, fabricated in pink neon. This entire structure is then enclosed in a heavy acrylic vitrine that is bolted to the steel frame with special engineering fixings.


    Medium Used: Neon, 1600 stainless steel spoons, steel matrix, plywood in heavy acrylic vitrine.


    Dangerous Minds Artists | United Kingdom

    The DANGEROUS MINDS ARTISTS Studio was founded by Michael Lake-McMillan and Alan Stuart. The artists’ distinctive work constantly refers and returns to the touchstones of light, beauty in decay, abandonment and antiquated typography. Dangerous Minds practice is driven by duality. The pairs' intuitive subliminal dialogue centers on point and counterpoint and the production of works that are, fundamentally, aesthetically appealing and which, on further inspection, inspire curiosity and cause a ripple of intellectual stimulation.