The Beacon

Simon Royer | United Kingdom


Seascape, Figurative

44" x 36" x 2"


Ships from United Kingdom 

    Art Description:

    The sea the following morning after a heavy storm. Just off center is an empty life buoy. On the horizon to the left is an orange distress light.

    Medium Used: Oil on Canvas

    Simon Royer | United Kingdom

    Simon Royer is an artist with a love of natural history and the environment. Self taught he works in a variety of media, including oils, acrylic paints and sculpture.

    From the earliest fine art paintings depicting accurately realistic representations of birds, to the ethereal, atmospheric quality of the beach scenes, all works depict the almost physical, tactile relationship we have with our world. More often than not Royer’s works contain a story, whether it be an illustration of the Darwinian concept of survival, a visual exploration of the behavioural habits of certain species or a critique of mankind’s depletion of the planet’s natural resources, his interest and concern with the environment is overriding. Royer’s intuitive portrayal of his subject matter and the striking vitality apparent in all his artworks has brought him many admirers and collectors.