The Extra Mile

Khalid Alzayani | United Arab Emirates


Abstract Expressionism

47" x 47" x 1.5"


Ships from United Arab Emirates 

    Art Description:

    I started working on this painting without any intentions of how it is going to be. I started with only an idea of the color palette. But, this also has changed during the course of painting. I believe what really influenced the end result of this painting is the mood I was in and music I was listening to while working on it. The medium is acrylic on canvas of size 48x48 inches. Created in June 2019.

    Medium Used: Acrylic on Canvas

    Khalid Alzayani | United Arab Emirates

    For me, creativity is a derivative of mode and ambience of painting sessions. I believe that, the character of a painting reflects the mode of the artist through brush strokes, texture and colour. I believe a painting has a life of its own that evolves during painting session. For me, a painting starts to take direction after I cover the canvas with paint. Then I start to solve many problems the painting has, until I end up with a painting that tells a story or delivers a statement. I consider the art of painting as the fastest way to record any artistic idea or to document a situation experienced by the artist as result of being in a given community. I am a believer in the famous saying - if you want to know how great a society is, look at its art.