To Be Or Not To Be

Igor Tcholariya | Russia


Contemporary Art

26" x 7" x 12"


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    Art Description:

    Bronze sculpture, inspired by words of Hamlet from William Shakespeare.

    Curator's corner: The phrase "To be or not to be" has more depth than meets the eye. Hamlet use of the words "to be" before the words "or not to be" shows his predilection to live rather than die.

    Our Hamlet in this sculpture is a woman, who, with her upward facing head, seems to be searching for an answer. The face on the side seems to be grappling with her, pulling her in a different direction. All this, while she stabilizes herself on a skull; as if acknowledging that death 'exists', but is unwilling to consider it as anything more than a distant secondary 'option' to her current predicament.

    Medium Used: Bronze

    Igor Tcholariya | Russia

    Over the past 25 years Igor Tcholariya has taken part in a great many international shows in various countries, as well as in Moscow.

    His artworks are now in collections all over the world, including those of celebrities such as Sir Anthony Hopkins, Luciano Pavarotti, Jean-Pierre Richard, Gérard Depardieu, Madonna, and John Galliano, well-known sports and business personalities, and simply art lovers. He also succeeded in winning an international competition and painted two vast panels for the world’s largest cruise liner, the Queen Mary 2.