Two Minutes To The Next Train

Sudhir Sharma | Canada


Fine Art - Realistic

60" x 40" x 2"


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    Art Description:

    Mid afternoon sun was still very strong when I last visited Dubai in early November. The display of light and shadows at the local Metro Station presented a unique setting. Throng of people coming and going untouched by the sheer beauty that stared in their face. They all appeared preoccupied in their vocation. And there I was, awestruck with the strong sunlight filtering through the rose gold glass of the ceiling and playing on almost everything in the building. Polished steel, abundant presence of glass, marble flooring and arriving commuters presented a near perfect picture. Large LED screen on steel column overlooking the waiting area with elegant seating appeared perfectly placed with deep copper colour elevator enclosure presenting strong contrast to the blues of the shadows. Then I wondered if anyone would pause to admire this beautiful work of architecture in the race for time.

    Medium Used: Acrylic on Canvas

    Sudhir Sharma | Canada

    An artist for 41 years, Sudhir is known to bring his unique sense of style and colour to the vast subjects he covers in his artworks. Versatile in watercolours, oils, and acrylics, Sudhir enjoys exploring various techniques to bring a unique depth and feel in his paintings. Sudhir has traveled and lived extensively in the Middle East and Africa, and the regions' art and culture have left a lasting impression in his style of work. Today, his work is represented in private collections in many countries around the world.