Khalid Alzayani | United Arab Emirates


Abstract Expressionism

47" x 35"H x 1.5"


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    Art Description:

    In the dance of vibrant acrylics, Khalid breathes life into 'Vigor.' Here, the essence of ancestral wisdom converges with the fervent chaos of expressionism, crafting an abstract ode to our earthly ties and the depth of human emotion. A symphony in hues—blue, orange, white—echoes stories untold, etched with fervor upon the canvas.

    Each brushstroke tells tales of dynamic vitality, hues mingling like passionate whispers between Earth and soul. It's a visual symphony speaking the primal language of existence, a tapestry of emotions echoing the heartbeats of our shared humanity.

    In the tapestry of color, an energetic narrative unfolds—a fiery red, a serene blue, an invigorating orange at the heart. Brushstrokes dance, intersecting shapes and lines in a chaotic ballet, a spirited expression embodying motion and verve. The canvas's raw edge adds a textured dimension, inviting one to explore the depth of emotion tangled within.

    'Vigor' is an anthem, a manifestation of emotional vitality, where bold strokes narrate the artist's fervor. It evokes an electrifying presence, resonating with the undying energy that thrums within us all, inviting you to embrace its vivacity and dance with the untamed vitality it embodies.

    Medium Used: Acrylic on Canvas

    Khalid Alzayani | United Arab Emirates

    For me, creativity is a derivative of mode and ambience of painting sessions. I believe that, the character of a painting reflects the mode of the artist through brush strokes, texture and colour. I believe a painting has a life of its own that evolves during painting session. For me, a painting starts to take direction after I cover the canvas with paint. Then I start to solve many problems the painting has, until I end up with a painting that tells a story or delivers a statement. I consider the art of painting as the fastest way to record any artistic idea or to document a situation experienced by the artist as result of being in a given community. I am a believer in the famous saying - if you want to know how great a society is, look at its art.