The Artonique Advantage


Artists are creators. They are the dreamers, the visionaries, the designers who weave dreams into reality and create visual masterpieces.
The creation of great art is as perspiring as it is exhilarating.
Selling art, however, does not have to be difficult.

The industry

Redefining the Art Landscape

Artonique is an online luxury art gallery that is democratizing the high-end contemporary art market.

We bring the accessibility, exhilaration, and convenience of buying art to collectors across the globe. These are collectors who value the service we provide and prefer speed of transactions, rather than the social hierarchies that may be prevalent when dealing with art galleries and dealers. With no hidden fees, buyer premiums, waitlists, or buy-in process, we bring more value and selection than any brick and mortar gallery could possibly provide.

Carving our Niche

Artonique is the platform for renowned artists to sell their works online. Featuring only the best of artists from around the world, we ensure that we uphold the quality and value of artworks.

Why do we only sell works from artists who have sold works $10,000 USD and up?
Artonique is a luxury art gallery that focuses on the exclusive. We want to elevate the art culture and encourage artists around the world to create Great Art. Not art for the sake of volume sales, not art for the sake of art, but great, high quality art that stands the test of time.

Why Artonique

Artonique is the Unique Art Boutique.
Featuring a growing collection of luxury collectible artworks from some of the art industry’s contemporary heavyweights, Artonique brings the world’s best art online.

Be among artists of your class

Display your works with other award winning artists.

Revel in the exclusivity of selling works $10,000 USD and up.

A platform unlike any other

Sell to a collector base registered from around the world.

Get a full boutique experience: Artonique manages the entire upload and sales process.

Enjoy transparency and simplicity

Commissions 25% and under.

Collectors pay for the artwork, shipping, and duties. Artists take care of the packaging.




how it works


1Apply for registration.

• Approved artists will receive a confirmation email.


2Tell us about you.

• We like to know our artists on a more personal level.


3Submit your artworks.

• We manage the website, so you can focus on making phenomenal artworks.

4Sell your Art.

• Collectors pay for the shipping, artists take care of the packaging.



Our Commission Structure


25% for Artists who sell up to $100,000 on Artonique.

20% for Artists who sell over $100,000 on Artonique.

15% for Artists who sell over $500,000 on Artonique

Terms and Conditions apply

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