How to Rope A Snake

Jeff Muhs | United States


Abstract figurative

14" x 14" x 30"


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    Art Description: A concrete sculpture that uses rope to form liquid concrete. The red rope sculpts and defines the nebulous concrete mass.

    Medium Used: Concrete and Nylon Rope

    Jeff Muhs | United States

    My paintings exploit and explore natural physical processes such as optics, chaos, gravity, fluid dynamics, etc. Thru the manipulation of these processes I create dynamic abstract compositions, using a highly gestural application of medium, often with multiple paintings occupying the same canvas plane, layering different process, I venture to access and harness the very nature of creation. Thru the practice of my work I endeavor to examine, challenge and expand our understanding of beauty and perception of it.
    Through the process that I have come to call ‘Dynamic Free Casting’, I have developed new methods for forming concrete, which embrace an insubordinate amount of chance given the inherent fluidity and weight of the medium.