Abstract, White Red on Black

Svein Koningen | Australia


Abstract expression

71" x 79" x 2.7"


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    Art Description:

    Abstract expression, Large bold textured painting with black with white and red swirls. A contemporary painting. Created at the Brugge Belgium Studio. The painting will be shipped rolled.

    Medium Used: Acrylic on Canvas

    Svein Koningen | Australia

    "A blank canvas becomes a story… the paint, the brush with the subconscious flow, all coming together creating on good days a vibrant abstract story on canvas. Exploring the relationship between colour combinations and texture, working intuitively using large palette knives then paring and scraping back paint revealing glimpses and stories within the larger abstract story.

    Heavy texture is the focus of the 2017 Paradisaea Series of seven paintings. The series is primarily abstract with the title being the name of the Birds of Paradise, from Papua New Guinea. The series title came after the completion of the works and seeing the colourful abstract birds in flight.

    Change is a constant in my work and my life with movement the place to live giving new experiences which of course comes alive on the canvas in the studio. Moving my studio from Noosa Heads Australia to Bruges, Belgium and now, back to Australia. Moving forward with a new studio is once again the challenge with a blank canvas."