Another Me

Karis Kim | South Korea



53.9"H x 27.5"W 


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    Art Description:

    The charm of oriental painting is to express everything by line and rough stroke using just black color. Using various colors can distort to the original intention of artist, but using simple colors better expresses both the object and intention of artist. By restraining the use of color and water, the artists is able to concentrate on expressing the details deep inside the object.

    This art express another self-portrait. One side express to self depression, other side express to self realization. In other words this art also means that most of us have both a static ego and a dynamic ego together.


    Medium Used: Ink on Traditional Paper

    Karis Kim | South Korea

    Karis is an artist of Western & Oriental style paintings. Also, a poet and writer, Kim has published various works in philosophy and psychology, and is soon to release a novel in the same field. His elaborate artworks intricately weave philosophy, psychology and literature.

    Kim has exhibited with various galleries across the globe including USA, France, Slovenia, Singapore, Japan, and Korea. Additionally, his artworks have also been regularly showcased in Korean television dramas.