Breathing patterns of vision

Pashet | United Kingdom



30" x 40"


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    Art Description: Is anything created purely by chance? This creation came about after knocking a pot of gold dust onto one side of the canvas. Reluctance was soon followed by great intrigue becoming the observer of this now shimmering space of dancing particles flickering sparks of life before settling to their rightful place to be immortalised. And so the inspiration for 'Breathing patterns of vision' began.

    Medium Used: Acrylic, chalk, ink and gold dust on canvas

    Pashet | United Kingdom

    I am fascinated by the natural world, how things evolve from sound and how our thought forms stemmed from feelings create our reality. In surrendering oneself to the moment, creativity becomes a meditation in motion. Dots and lines are guided intuitively on a cosmic journey by a spontaneous source of rhythm; the creative process of these works is as integral as the finished piece. My art is a depiction of surround sound vibrating in patterns drawn from inner truth.