Colony 84

Larry Graeber | United States



68" x 96" x 1.5"


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    Art Description:

    Colony 84, this predominately putty gray colored painting is just large enough to engulf you as you approach. Whereupon you discover the underlying grid that maps this colony of black and white splats and raised puddles of mobilized paint traveling as though in some industrious endeavor. Painted in 2009, a work that bridges two predominant expressions of that period; grid paintings and squeegee troweled paint orbs that were pervasive of the moment.

    Medium Used: Oil on Canvas

    Larry Graeber | United States

    Artist Statement: Principles of elements - painting, sculpture, work on paper; After many years of practice I trust a degree of empathy and understanding have found lodging in me. I am intrigued with the idea of approximations, even approximations of other approximations. I see this all the time as we relate one thing or another to each other. Although a work of mine may start with an initial idea I am always certain it is going to change, evolve and go through permutations that may or may not resemble the initial idea. It's exactly this phenomena, this discovery that intrigues me. Crafting work confidently and coherently is my ambition, so when viewed it can be accessible; intuitively and subjectively understood.