CDE Table

Larry Graeber | United States



42" x 36" x 1.5"


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    Art Description:

    CDE Table was painted in 1990. Resembling a still life or mysterious narrative, actually a little bit of both. Painted in a warm yellow, highlighted with green, orange and maroon. Sort of an East meets West experience seems to be occurring. The background undulating in an Asian motif with a deity portrait being circled by a small plane and in the foreground a partial sculptural figure, water pitcher and three letters from the English alphabet. The painting is framed, it hung in my mother’s house until her death and since has been in storage.

    Medium Used: Oil on Canvas

    Larry Graeber | United States

    Artist Statement: Principles of elements - painting, sculpture, work on paper; After many years of practice I trust a degree of empathy and understanding have found lodging in me. I am intrigued with the idea of approximations, even approximations of other approximations. I see this all the time as we relate one thing or another to each other. Although a work of mine may start with an initial idea I am always certain it is going to change, evolve and go through permutations that may or may not resemble the initial idea. It's exactly this phenomena, this discovery that intrigues me. Crafting work confidently and coherently is my ambition, so when viewed it can be accessible; intuitively and subjectively understood.