Krishna II

Mansing Katkar | India



32.5" x 26.5"


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    Art Description: This mural shows the events from stories based on the life of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna and his friends used to enjoy themselves while they fed cattle, have lunch together. The melodious music of Krishna's flute would sooth not only his friends but also the animals and would unite them. Everyone is mesmerized by that beautiful music. The artwork is ready to display.

    Medium Used: Epoxy on Plywood.

    Mansing Katkar | India

    Any theme in Fine Arts gets expressed through its respective art medium tools. In creating any piece of art, the artist's style and its form holds significance in its form of expression. For Mansing, the whole idea of Art is creating a nature driven beautified piece. One can find this expression in his artwork.

    Liberal strokes of the brushes have manifested profound disposition. Complexities of the emotional world are ably articulated. The emotional content within the painting as well as its practical and spiritual reality has been aptly portrayed. Space and its simplicity, dramatic and apt manifestation of emotions, moderate yet precise detailing are the prominent attributes of my art. Typical features such as the forms and a perfect balance and match of colours and shades can be seen. The effects of space have been artistically brought about.