La Natura Dell'Equilibrio

Giampiero Cusumano | Italy



24.4"H x 24.4"W x 1.1"


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    Art Description: This painting, created in 2019, represents a spiral whose development recalls the various depictions of the golden section, but this parallelism is casual. It is evident that in symbolically expressing a concept of balance and natural order in geometric form, its representation becomes very close to the proportions made during Renaissance. As evident from the photos on the back of the painting, this was made on raw canvas pre-painted with glue and plaster and thanks to this preparation process that the painting, despite being of contemporary matrix, has a materiality and an imprinting of a painting from the past.

    Medium Used: Oil on canvas

    Giampiero Cusumano | Italy

    Giampiero Cusumano is a painter and sculptor based in Italy whose works have been exhibited nationally. In addition, his art has been featured in publications such as Repubblica. Cusumano's artistic practice is based on a compositional scheme that he has created, which is based on cultural considerations that interweave Eastern philosophies and their analogies with scientific theories.