Sentimento nuovo

Antonino Puliafico | Italy



118" x 55 x 0.1"


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    Art Description:

    'Sentimento Nuovo' is a majestic and evocative work that captivates the viewer with its grandiose composition and intense play of light and shadow. The artist has skillfully painted a fantastic horizon, in which natural and mythological elements merge in a symphony of colours and shapes. The large size of the canvas enhances the immensity of the scene, inviting the viewer to lose himself in contemplation of this enchanted world.

    The reflections of light on the expanse of water give the work a sense of depth and movement, while the stars shine in the night sky as silent witnesses to this natural spectacle. The flowers, arranged along the shore, offer a touch of delicacy and colour, and the nymphs, ethereal and mysterious creatures, seem to dance on the surface of the water, evoking an atmosphere of dream and magic.

    Medium Used: Oil Color Impasto

    Antonino Puliafico | Italy

    Antonio uses oil and acrylic colors, applied with spatulas and brushes, in a play of textures and tones reminiscent of the Fauvist and Impressionist movements. His art is an exploration of freedom, a journey through my personal perception of the world, where colors dance and tell stories of emotions, moments, dreams.

    In his work, he invites the viewer to pause, contemplate, and discover that each piece is an ongoing dialogue between him and his audience. Each piece is an invitation to explore, to feel, to experience art with the same passion and intensity with which it was created. Currently residing in Verona,

    Antonino continues to explore new artistic horizons, remaining true to his vision and roots. His works are a dialogue between Sicilian artistic tradition and contemporary influences, bridging the past and present in each canvas. His art is not just a visual expression but an emotional journey that transports the viewer into a world of beauty, color, and passion.