The Prayer of Karis 7

Karis Kim | South Korea


Semi-Abstract Religious Work

28.62"H x 23.85"W x 0.78"D


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    Art Description:

    From the artist:

    "This work adds spirituality and philosophy to art.

    The Prayer of Karis 7 is as follows:

    Are you truly a fair God?

    I pray with this concern as below.

    Some baby was born in the arms of dead mother, who lay in a pile of bombed-out houses in war, while some baby was born as a royal family or noble or high class position and already had a rich and glory.

    Oh Lord, please be fair.

    Some childen, who have their bone pierced through their flesh due to the cruel abuse of their parents, died with full blood, while others can have all their hopes stably with the love and financial power of their parents. Oh Lord, please be fair.

    Some children drink rotten water and fight hunger and disease, while others have plenty of food and no shortage at all. Oh Lord, please be fair.

    Babies, who born with a disease in a poor family are moaning in pain day by day. Even if their parents work all night, they can't afford this hospital bill for their child. The hearts of poor parents whose livelihood has already collapsed..

    Some children beg with empty can instead of pencil for study because of poor families, some children go to factory instead of school to earn money to live.

    Parents' poverty was inherited, so some young people give up their dreams and work for a livelihood. The saying that "if you work hard you will succeed" has already disappeared in this unfair reality. What do you mean by showing us this unfair?

    Do you want our situation is better than theirs, so we should thank you at least? Whether good or bad, wealth and prosperity are already chosen by you, so even if we are unhappy, are we just being grateful and obeying you? No matter how much I beg and pray to you, this unfairness didn't disappear. What is even more resentful is that there is no explanation of this reason from you. Oh Lord, please be fair.

    Trials are added to those, who are honestly work hard, while prosperities are increased to those, who rule the world with lies and deceit. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer. For some, countless wealth comes in and for others, even a penny is taken away. Oh Lord, please be fair.

    Good people are despised and poor, bad people are respected and rich. For some, today's pain leads to tomorrow, For others, today's abundance and complacency lead to tomorrow. Even if you give us all the good words in the world, you completely ignore the real pain of us. Oh Lord, please be fair.

    For some, can't sleep because of debts, taxes and hospital bills that must be paid tomorrow, For others, can't sleep because of excitement from extravagant party of tomorrow. Oh Lord, please be fair.

    Good people, who should live, die early, while the wicked, who must die, live long. Oh Lord, please be fair.

    You decide everything such as the environment, situation, conditions, etc and divide our life into unhappiness and happiness, then give a misfortune to those who are already unhappy, while give a joy to those who are already happy. Furthermore you make them, who beg for help, go through a hellish situation, while give a joy and the rich to others, who didn't pray or beg for it and already rich. Oh Lord, please be fair. Please save the weak children from the hell created by bad adults, give equal opportunities and hope to everyone in the world without any discrimination, share wealth and abundance not the few, but the many good people. Don't wait for the wicked to go to hell, I hope they are punished by you right away.

    Unfair world, unfair heaven, unfair you, Lord.

    Oh Lord, please be fair.

    Usually hide or deep and deep word in mind can  express to only a very close relationship, so I express my deeply mind to you because only you can solve everything.

    Nevertheless the reason why I still believe in you and rely on you, you are the only living God.

    All these prayers, I pray in Jesus name, Amen."


    Medium Used: Acrylic on Canvas

    Karis Kim | South Korea

    Karis is an artist of Western & Oriental style paintings. Also, a poet and writer, Kim has published various works in philosophy and psychology, and is soon to release a novel in the same field. His elaborate artworks intricately weave philosophy, psychology and literature.

    Kim has exhibited with various galleries across the globe including USA, France, Slovenia, Singapore, Japan, and Korea. Additionally, his artworks have also been regularly showcased in Korean television dramas.