Tree of Life - Colored

Karis Kim | South Korea

Oriental Painting


53"W x 27.50"H


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    Art Description:

    This beguilingly simple subject of a colourful tree with many branches is far more than what meets the eye. The artist uses the tree as an expression of the following:

    -A psychological expression for the pursuit of the nature of the object
    -Overemphasis on subjective feelings rather than the physical object that is before us
    -Highlighting the intricacies of nature; through the use of traditional paper and its unique texture, it is fused with a brush that helps to express the delicate parts of the tree such as streak in wood
    -A deep-rooted tree does not sway by the wind, nor does it break in the rough world. It extends its branches freely even in cold winter.


    Medium Used: Ink and Watercolour on Traditional Paper

    Karis Kim | South Korea

    Karis is an artist of Western & Oriental style paintings. Also, a poet and writer, Kim has published various works in philosophy and psychology, and is soon to release a novel in the same field. His elaborate artworks intricately weave philosophy, psychology and literature.

    Kim has exhibited with various galleries across the globe including USA, France, Slovenia, Singapore, Japan, and Korea. Additionally, his artworks have also been regularly showcased in Korean television dramas.