Untitled 2

Davit Ughrelidze | Turkey


Figurative Abstract

31.5"w x 23.62"h x 1.38"


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    Art Description: The colours used mostly in this painting are black, green and red. The painting is inspired by figurative abstract art. The inspiration of this work is a lady the artist knows, who has lost her dog. The connection between the lady and her dog affected the artist. Davit Ughrelidze keeps his paintings untitled, to make people discover their own stories through them.

    Medium Used: Oil on canvas.

    Davit Ughrelidze | Turkey

    Davit Ughrelidze, has been living in Turkey since 1996 and has held more than 30 solo art exhibitions. His artworks are part of special collections in Georgia, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Cuba, Israel, Holland, UK and Turkey. His artworks, generally reflect his inner world. He believes freedom is brought about through art, and art is the ceremony of freedom. He reflects a melody, which arises from his own feelings, to his paintings. He hopes everybody finds his own melody through his paintings. He keeps his paintings untitled, so as to make people discover their own stories through them.