The Image and sound museum of São Paulo, best foreign photography 2019


1988–1992 B.A., Communications, Art History & Cinema Studies, University of Ottawa

1989–1990 Graphic Design Certificate, Algonquin College, Ottawa

1985–1987 Graduate of the “Centre d’excelence Artistique” (Visual Arts Concentration) at L’École Secondaire De La Salle, Ottawa


Museum Show
• 2016 Sept 22nd - Jan 15th 2017 “Fifteen Minutes”, Cornell Art Museum, Curator Melanie Johanson, Delray Beach Florida (Andy Warhol, Russell Young, Daniel Stanford)

Solo Exhibitions 
2017 - 2018 Dec 4th - Feb 22nd LOVE IS ETERNAL at Shore Club Art Basel week, South Beach Miami
• 2017 Nov 20th Exchanging Glances curated by the Chamber of Commerce Brazil / Canada, Ottawa 
• 2017 July 5th Exchanging Glances curated by the Chamber of Commerce Brazil / Canada, Brasilia, Brazil
• 2017 Feb 24th FASCINASIA at Chamber of Commerce curated by C of Com Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
• 2017 Jan 27th FASCINASIA at Vondom Showroom curated by Marlise Soto Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, ALAC week
• 2016 - 2017 Dec 1st - Jan 22nd LOVE IS ETERNAL at Shore Club Art Basel week, South Beach Miami
• 2016 - 2017 Sept 22nd - Jan 22nd Cornell Art Museum Curator Melanie Johanson Delray Beach Florida
• 2016 June 25th - Sept 26th FASCINASIA Los Angeles Hosted by Ali Azhar the West Hollywood showcase (Curated by Macaya Gallary)
• 2016 June 24th - Present - FASCINASIA Los Angeles Hosted by Sasha Vayshel benefiting the Rain Forest Foundation (Curated by Macaya Gallary)
• 2016 May 4th - June 4th FASCINASIA Miami, South Beach Hosted by Villa Azur curated by Macaya Gallery
• 2015 Dec 5th - Dec 8th FASCINASIA Miami, South Beach North Bay Rd. Hosted by Douglas Elliman curated by Macaya Gallery
• 2015 Jan 24th - Jan 26th FASCINASIA, Hosted by Brian Vaske, curated by Macaya Gallery, New York, NY
• 2014 Dec 1st - Feb 28th Brazil - Sea of Dunes & FASCINASIA curated by Macaya Gallery, Miami, Florida
• 2013 Sept 3rd Gallery 203 Selected works from Miami Art Basel, Lise Watier Foundation
• 2012 Dec 15th - Jan 15th
• 2013 Galerie 203 Vernissage Fascinasia by Daniel Stanford, Montreal, Quebec
• 2012 Aug 14th Jangala, La Société Des Arts Technologiques (SAT) curated by Jeanne Rahilly, Montreal
• 2012 June 9th Veuve Clicquot GRAND PRIX F1 Event curated by Corinne from Asseraf Galerie 203, Montreal
• 2012 June 10th The Code 20 & Jose Cuervo Grand Prix curated by Elena Chatziko, Opus Hotel, Montreal
• 2012 April13th - May 14th Fascinasia Collection by Daniel Stanford at Gallery 203 curated by Corinne Asseraf
• 2012 April11th - 12th Parade N.4 + FascinAsia Vernissage curated by Corinne Asseraf, Galerie 203, April Edition
• 2011 Sept 15th - Dec 30th Renaissance Gallery Montreal curated by Nicolas Adeline, Montreal

Group Exhibitions
• 2018 - 2019 Dec 6th - Nov 29th Dream at Fairwind Hotel, Curated by Marco Rosada, Art Basel week, South Beach Miami, Florida, USA
• 2016 Feb 25th - March 31 ”Gold Rush”selected work of FASCINASIA, Macaya Gallery, Miami, Florida
• 2016 Jan 20th to 24th Art Palm Beach (Art Fair) selected pieces of FASCINASIA Castle Fitzjohns of NYC at Palm Beach, Florida
• 2015 Nov 30th - Dec 6th “ARTCELERATION” art collective selected mixed media work, Macaya Gallery, Florida
• 2015 Jan 16th to 20th Art Palm Beach “Brazil - Sea of dunes” & “FASCINASIA” curated by Irreversible projects, Palm Beach, Florida
• 2014 Dec 1 to 6 Art Spectrum featuring pieces from “FASCINASIA” curated by Irreversible projects, Wynwood, Florida
• 2013 - 2014 Gallery 203, Montreal, Quebec Selected work
• 2012 December 7th - Verge Art Miami Beach curated show during Art Basel, Miami Beach, Florida, United States
• 2012 Lise Watier Foundation Annual Launch Benefit Diner & Auction, Montreal, Quebec
• 2011 May 30th - June 30th Galerie Soho Vernissage Fascinasia Collection by Daniel Stanford, Montreal, Quebec
• 2011 April 21 - 24th Art Expo New York Solo Artist, New York, United States
• 2011 Soho in the City Fundraiser benefiting the Jewish General Hospital, Galerie Soho, Montreal, Quebec
• 2011 SIDIM Le Salon International de Design de Montréal, Québec curated by Galerie Soho
• 2011 Galerie Soho Vernissage Opening event, Montreal, Quebec
• 2011 Décover Magazine published Artist Vernissage curated by Micah Lockhart, Galerie du Plateau, Montreal
• 2011 Lili Contemporary Gallery,Great Neck, New York, US
• 2010 The 13th Annual JGH (Jewish General Hospital) CIBC Tennis Summer Slam Dinner Auction at BICE Ristorante curated by Danielle Bitton, Montreal, Quebec
• 2010 Rothwell Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario