Melody in 3, Part 1

David Darcy | UK


Abstract Expressionism

32" X 42" X 3"


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    Art Description: Melody in 3, Part 1 is apart of a three part series that uses expression of one's self as a three. The painting is created over two months, in which I use a wet on wet technique with different types glazes and mediums to give a true sense of depth to draw the eye.

    Medium Used: High Quality oils on stretched cotton duck canvas.

    David Darcy | United Kingdom

    David's artworks are pleasurable, contemplative expanses that draw the eye. They are intense abstractions of humanity marked by a balance of movement within the space. They encase equal parts sensation and inquiry. When creating a new work he has adopted a signature process in which he applies the oil paint in much the same manner as watercolours, thought they inherently less yielding. That restriction allows for new approaches and methods. The results include brilliant, durable pigments rooted in mid-motion gestures.