2011 - Award of the Faculty Board of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow under the guidance of rector Prof. Adam Wsiołkowski

2020- Award Grant, "Jutronauci’’ organized by Gazeta Wyborcza and Sebastian Kulczyk Investments, The Jutronauci competition is intended for the best in Poland artist and scientists who have significant impact on future innovation.


MFA , Academy of Fine Art , Cracow, Poland


2009 Lions Club, charity auction for children, Szczecinek
2009 National Museum branch National Museum Szczecinek
2011 Diploma exhibition Academy of fine Art Cracow
2013 Art Gallery 4Art, Gliwice, Poland
2013 Art Gallery Impresja, Zabrze, Poland
2014 Quadryllion Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2014 Art Gallery Fibak, Warsaw, Poland
2015 Art Gallery Bohema, Warsaw, Poland
2016 European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain
2016 Art Gallery 101 Project, Warsaw, Poland
2016 Internation Art Fair, Warsaw, Poland
2016 Business Center and Design,Team 7 and Aksonometria, Warsaw, Poland
2016 Business Center, PATH of exclusive law-tax, Warsaw, Poland
2017 Art Residence - Glo'art, Belgium
2017 International Art fair, Vilnius
2017 Arty Cube , Vilnius 2018 Center of Polish Sculpture, Orońsko, Poland
2019 Art Fait, Vienna 2019 Art Gallery, Galart factory, Vienna
2019 Art Gallery, Belle Arte, Warsaw, Poland
2019 National Musuem Poznań, branch Regional Museum Szczecinek
2019 National Museum ,Department of Contemporary Art,Gdańsk, Poland
2020 Art gallery Arty Cube , Vilnius
2021 Symposium of Sculpture, Center of Polish Sculpture, Orońsko, Poland​

Permanent Collection National Museum in Gdańsk, Poland