Duo Leap

Yuliia Dzhurenko | China

Visual Artist


39.3" x 39.3" x 1"


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    Art Description: "Duo Leap" is a striking and evocative piece from the Fishes & Moon Art Collection, a series of contemporary, figurative, and surrealistic paintings that delve into the realm of self-understanding through vivid and imaginative characters. Created in 2020, the artwork has garnered international acclaim, featuring in multiple prestigious exhibitions across Asia.

    The painting captures the essence of metamorphosis experienced by the human mind. "Duo Leap" symbolizes a transformative journey, revealing the natural yet often-overlooked "leap" effect inherent to human growth. The central figure undergoes a surreal, fantastical transformation, a process that transcends physical boundaries to reflect the boundless nature of the human spirit.

    The color palette, comprising cold grey blue, deep black, and signature orange, creates an ethereal and dreamlike atmosphere, enhancing the sense of otherworldliness that permeates the painting. The juxtaposition of the cool hues with the warm, vibrant orange adds depth and contrast, further emphasizing the transformative energy of the piece.

    "Duo Leap" is a powerful visual representation of the human capacity for change and growth. The enigmatic, surrealistic quality of the painting invites viewers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and enlightenment, exploring the depths of their own minds and the limitless potential within..


    Medium Used: Acrylic on Canvas.


    Yuliia Dzhurenko | United Kingdom

    Yuliia Dzhurenko 朱朱 is a Ukrainian contemporary artist, who has exhibited her works in numerous events in Asia and Europe. Continuous learning and discovering depths of her soul are intrinsic elements in her artistic expression. Ironic and symbolic self - portraits reflect her state of mind and attitudes towards outer world. Her vibrant figurative, semi-surrealistic and expressionistic artworks reveal a versatile talent and different perspectives of contemporary figurative art.