Fluido Azzurro

Antonino Puliafico | Italy



45" x 37"


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    Art Description:

    "Fluido Azzurro" is a striking 2024 acrylic on canvas that measures 115x95 cm or about 45x37 inches. This piece is a symphony of motion and color, with a dynamic array of blue hues that dominate the palette, suggesting fluidity and depth. The artist's application of paint is both chaotic and deliberate, forming layers upon layers of texture that seem to dance across the canvas. The bold strokes and the use of contrasting colors create an engaging visual experience that captures the viewer's eye and invites introspection. The physicality of the technique is palpable, with each swipe and smear of the paint adding to the overall impact of the piece. "Fluido Azzurro" is not only a representation of abstract expressionism but also an embodiment of the energy and emotion that art can convey. It is a modern work that would resonate in any space, appealing to collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the power of abstract art.

    Medium Used: Oil Color Impasto

    Antonino Puliafico | Italy

    Antonio uses oil and acrylic colors, applied with spatulas and brushes, in a play of textures and tones reminiscent of the Fauvist and Impressionist movements. His art is an exploration of freedom, a journey through my personal perception of the world, where colors dance and tell stories of emotions, moments, dreams.

    In his work, he invites the viewer to pause, contemplate, and discover that each piece is an ongoing dialogue between him and his audience. Each piece is an invitation to explore, to feel, to experience art with the same passion and intensity with which it was created. Currently residing in Verona,

    Antonino continues to explore new artistic horizons, remaining true to his vision and roots. His works are a dialogue between Sicilian artistic tradition and contemporary influences, bridging the past and present in each canvas. His art is not just a visual expression but an emotional journey that transports the viewer into a world of beauty, color, and passion.