Buddha du Paradis

Daniel Stanford | Canada

Mixed Media


40" x 84" x 2"


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    Art Description: Archival materials reflects the sequence of the five elements - wood gives rise to fire, fire produces earth, earth gives birth to gold, gold creates water, water makes wood.


    Medium Used: Mixed media with Chinese ink, water colour, acrylic, glitter, UV ink, encaustic wax, silver leaf, gold leaf, raw pigments, Swarovski crystals on wood panel


    Daniel Stanford | Canada

    Daniel Stanford, Visual Artist, Painter of mixed media art on wood panel. The etymology of FASCINASIA originates from the Artist's reflections on his own influences and explores the fascination we have with Asian culture, both modern and ancient. Asian culture can be traced back over 5000 years and because of it's history, it influences our society and current culture. FASCINASIA explores the symbols of the sacred, juxtaposed with icons of modern society.