Lo Que He Sido

Alfonso Batalla | Spain


Fine Art / Conceptual

70.87" X 43.03" X 1.97"


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    Art Description: As a tribute to Bern and Hilla Becker, this work is about room typologies, in a ex-soviet abandoned town in the Arctic circle. The imposed equalitarianism of Soviet system falls to the human desire of being different (through decoration) and to random decay. Here Photographic language deals with repetitions to create the idea of distopia.

    Medium Used: Aluminum wood.

    Alfonso Batala | Spain

    I am fascinated with Photography as a meta-language which happens when photography deals with itself as a kind of language and I have working hard on this. Although my work is not location dependant I have found certain places that are so intriguing that I can construct strong metaphors on them. Lately I visited Pyramiden (a mining town abandoned within the Arctic Circle) or Prypiat. In both of them the brutalistic repetitive architecture contrasted with the minimal decoration by their inhabitants and with random decay. Furthermore I am quite fond of constructing Diptychs or Polyptychs like setting up a sentence from different works that may came from different times or parts of the world.