*SOLD* Stuffed with Wilderness

Nezza Tilani | Singapore


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42”L x 29”W x 39”H


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    Stuffed with Wilderness is part of the Stuffed Blu Fallen Angels series, a line of rocking chairs reinvented. The piece is inspired by a night in the primordial forest where evolution is moving from the animality to the erection of humanity. The flame of Prometeo, and the origin dilemma of the apple are bounded by the symbolic evolution of hands and thought, from monkey to man. It is an evocative work of art designed to create the perfect backdrop to relax and enthral guests with stories of your adventurous. A symbol of progress, transformation, and the beginning of growth in our lives.

    20% of the proceeds of each work sold go towards funding a child’s education in the Philippines. Collectors will be able to connect with the child frequently as desired.

    Medium Used: Embossed Velvet and Galvanized Steel.

    Nezza Tilani | Singapore

    An autodidact, Nezza Tilani has been passionate about art for as long as she can remember. Now, she's turned to using her paintings and artworks and transforming them into usable one of a kind hand-made rocking chairs. Functioning both as a visual masterpiece and a means of therapeutic relaxation, the artist offers fully customizable pieces—each with its unique flair and meaning.