Night Fishing at Antioch

Shelton Walsmith | United States



58" x 59"


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    Art Description:

    Night Fishing in Antioch is a play on words. It refers loosely to Picasso's painting Night Fishing in Antibes from 1939. The point of departure being a nocturnal scene. With the stage set for night I rigorously suggest activity made illegible by the fall of darkness and the language of illogical mark-making. Think of it as shorthand or coding where language is truncated into signs. Brushmarks begin to alert the eye of constructed systems and figures. Like a sculptor's armature forms are hinted at in pre-lingual "see-through" structures - the visible rendered invisible. The title leads leads the viewer (you dear reader) on a hunt to find some evidence or formal footprint of "night fishing" however it’s all an azure dream; a purple haze which confuses and loses its poles in the dark waters of the Orontes River for some unreasonable reason.

    Medium Used: Oil and latex on Canvas

    Shelton Walsmith | United States

    A body of work should not be a cadaver evidencing life that was but rather the flash-point for life which ignites anew on each renewed encounter.